Rumors about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s getting married is this true ?


    Miley Cyrus has found a unique way to reply to all the rumors about her and husband Liam Hemsworth’s breakup. She has responded to all the stories by posting some photos of her and Liam’s celebrating their 10th anniversary.

    credits: refinery 29

    Miley has given a caption over Instagram speculating the couple’s future, and she wishes her love a happy 10th anniversary. Further, she wrote that it was good to see everyone was as dumb as they were back in 2009. She wishes that the feelings of Liam for her always remain the same.

    She made this series of photos that she posted on Instagram by an old cute picture of their very first of kiss which just happened to be caught on the camera back in 2009 while they were filming for their movie, the last song. She said she had most sentiments connected to this picture and she never wants to miss spark. Later she posted another snapshot of the couple where they both are sitting on the beach enjoying the sunset. Irrespective of there is 17 and 20 respectively, And they were looking kids in that picture.

    Rumors sheerly pointed towards a wrecking ball that was directed straight into the hearts of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth fans. This couple has never opened about their love life. Somehow these rumors are succeeded to make their fans believe that their love story had unwillingly come to an end. But the picture that Miley has recently posted over Instagram on their 10th anniversary doesn’t seem that they are going to break up or they are getting separated.