Rumors state Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan Stewart are on the verge of divorce


    Rumors and inner sources state that ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ star, Brendan Fitzpatrick and ‘E! News’ host, Morgan Stewart are on the verge of a divorce. Recent social media posts also indicate that the rumors could perhaps be true.

    Fitzpatrick recently posted a picture on Instagram in a suit in the ‘Four Seasons’ hotel alone. He was attending a wedding where he reportedly came alone leaving us to wonder where his wife was. Stewart was on a vacation in a small town in France and posted a picture on the beach. While Brendan reportedly returned to their home in St. Tropez, Morgan had already returned to LA to continue shooting for her show.

    Amid divorce rumors, another scandal emerged where Morgan Stewart was in an illicit relationship with her former boss, Bryce Kristensen for more than two years. Many sources revealed that they observed flirtatious behavior between the two in the office and outside the office. Stewart was apparently ‘too comfortable’ with Bryce;

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    “[Morgan] would throw her arms around [Bryce] in conference room meetings,” a source, who witnessed the behavior firsthand, told us. “She would even throw up her legs on his desk, as well as on his legs.”

    The divorce rumors popped up only three months after the exposure of this scandal. Both Kristensen and Morgan denied the relationship. Stewart said she’s known him since the beginning of her career and they are just good friends. Kristensen also denied that there ever was a relationship.

    The rumors of a divorce were stirred earlier this month when multiple sources close to the couple stated that they were on the verge of a divorce, but Fitzpatrick himself denied it. Morgan Stewart also confirmed after allegations of an inappropriate relationship, that the two were happily married.

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    Although the couple denied the rumors, their Instagram account tell a different story, since they don’t follow each other anymore. So far the divorce rumors have been crushed but we have yet to see if they last.