Ryan Reynolds gloriously fails the Bottle Cap Challenge But we still love him


    Ryan Reynolds has proved himself the celebrity social media’s resident master of marketing yet again.

    The actor recently took to YouTube and posted a video of him attempting – and failing at – the Bottle Cap Challenge, which can be seen down below.

    Of course, Reynolds isn’t one to follow the crowd, and his version of the Bottle Cap wasn’t any different, either.

    Instead of using regular old packaged water, the preferred drink of choice for the masses that have taken passionately to the challenge, Reynolds did his with a pristine bottle of Aviation Gin.

    The actor acquired a sizeable stake in the spirits brand from Davos back in 2018, and has been hard at work promoting it ever since, with much of the content in recent times posted upon his eponymous YouTube channel – with over 1.3 million subscribers, mind you – having been a spate of skits and other sketches to promote the alcoholic beverage.

    So, it turns out, Ryan Reynold’s Bottle Cap Challenge was an act of publicity after all, and a successful one at that, with the video having already raked in more than 2.3 million views in less than 24 hours of having been uploaded.

    The Challenge.

    Social media challenges have become a trend unto themselves in the preceding half-a-decade, and a new scion rose to the throne in the form of the Bottle Cap interpretation this summer.

    Farabi Davletchin, a taekwondo instructor, initially posted his iteration on Instagram back in June, only for the challenge to explode in popularity and enter the mainstream after UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway embraced the opportunity to capitalize on the trend. He filmed himself and subsequently challenging other celebrities to the task, birthing a chain reaction that has now even pervaded Bollywood, with the likes of Akshay Kumar doing it.