Sandra Bullock and her messy waves rocked the trendy hairstlye


    Sandra Bullock is a popular American Actress. She is known for her leading roles in movies like Speed and While you were falling. But recently her work in Bird Box was quite appreciated, and at a point of time, the internet was all full of it. She has been the highest-paid actress in the year 2014 and 2010. Apart from the film industry, she is one of the stylish and beautiful actresses. She had won awards like most influential and beautiful women. And one of the factors among these is Sandra Bullock’s hairstyles.

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    Keeping up with the trendy hairstyle

    The 54-year-old actress is not behind when it comes to trends. And she has always been the hair goals setter. On Wednesday that is 10th of July, the actress was on ESPY Awards to present the prestigious best team and Megan Rapinoe to the United States Women’s National Soccer Team. There she flaunted her lob hairstyle which was Dark Chestnut Shade. Midway parted complimenting her look with the shimmering dress. The messy waves made it more stunning. She sounded confident and pretty, and made headlines.
    Most of 2019 the actress had a bob and lob hairstyles and each time she killed it. Earlier in June when she was at MTV Movie Awards, her hair looked long a few inches from the shoulders. But fans are confused that its natural growth or hair extensions.

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    To carry

    Apart from Sandra, some more celebrities’ hair change made headlines like Camila and Kate, and it was shocking yet beautiful. Hairstyles do matter a lot; it can change the way one looks. Thus, it is quite experimental and risky. But Sandra has never disappointed over the years, whatever it might be a bob, lob, caramel highlights she knows how to carry oneself!