Scientists hints that the SUN WILL BOIL OUR EARTH because it will get closer to us & eventually burn our atmosphere


    We humans living on Earth are constantly putting great efforts in killing this planet, so we cannot blame the Sun which is 149.6 million km away from earth for conspiring to do the same.

    It is known that Earth is slowly being pulled towards and into the Sun, and one day about more than a hundred million years after we would be drawn inside the Sun and it is ten million years away when the Sun will boil the earth.

    But do we humans even stand a chance against the Sun? or would any human be able to experience the last pull? I bet not.

    Every year a new highest temperature is being recorded at various parts of the World and the water from our oceans is evaporating at a quicker rate, and all this cannot be simply blamed onto the Sun. We, humans, are equally to be blamed for dooming the planet, for hundreds of year we have been sucking off the resources out of Earth, warming it up like a hot furnace.

    At the current moment, Sun is our life-giver it has always been, almost everyone and everything requires sunlight for its survival but as the Sun is ageing its brightness is uncontrollably increasing. The size of the Sun that we see right now would have been slightly smaller millions of years ago at the times of the dinosaurs.

    However, before when we would be meeting Sun in person, Earth would be entirely in a different condition. Our oceans will get too warm and would start rapidly evaporating which would inturn release too much water vapour into the atmosphere, this would increase the greenhouse effect which would again accelerate the water evaporation hence more greenhouse effect. And this cycle will go on until we will run out of water.

    The atmosphere around the Earth would also be thicker by then, it would be suffocating us. It would then eventually break and dissolve into the vacuum of the space marking the end of the planet Earth.