Scientists inspired Stranger Things plans to open a portal to a mirror world


    What? Is it true that scientists got so inspired by Stranger Things that they are now trying to open a portal to a parallel universe?

    Which Place?

    Scientists in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee are deep into research, trying to open a portal to a mirrored parallel universe. They have prepped with all the equipment that will be required for this test this summer. Hopefully, we will get to see a parallel universe which looks exactly like ours.

    A Pretty Wacky Experiment

    Leah Broussard is the physicist behind this mega project, and he describes his project as “pretty wacky.” It sounds like baseless Science from sci-fi movies like Stranger Things, but just maybe it can be true. His experiment if becomes successful, it can explain why our universe lacks isotope Lithium 7, which should be present in abundance during Big Bang. It will also get easier to explain the detection of high cosmic rays that come from beyond our galaxy.

    Doesn’t this sound very fascinating? Think: What if they are successful in this project? What if there is a mirror world? It will change all that we know of. It will change all of our theories. It will change our world completely.