Serial Killer Released From Prison Because Of Being Too Old, Kills Again


    The killer man who spends his whole life in prison for killing her wife by knife was released because of being too old to be dangerous. He stabbed a homeless woman in front of their twins with a knife almost 11 times.

    Within an hour, police find out about this crime and arrested Albert Flick, 77, guilty in 2018. He was sent to prison first in 1979 for 25 years because he slashed his wife Sandra Flick 14 times in front of her daughters.

    Then Flick was out in 2004, but after some years he sent to jail again for assaulting another woman. After that, the judge said it doesn’t make sense to keep him in the prison because he is now too old and now he will not be able to kill anyone, and he is less dangerous now and can be out without any further issue because he is too old now to be vulnerable.

    Then after four year Flick was released in 2014 and then he moved to Lewiston.

    After some days he met Dobbie she was 48, and he started to went into her personal space and starting to make her feel unsafe and started to stalk her too much at the place where she was staying.

    Assistant Attorney General Bud Ellis told that to the jurors Flick knew that Dobbie was planning to leave her house and shift anywhere else and then he said: “If I can’t have her, I will kill her.”

    Source:- New York Post

    Two days before the criminal Flick purchased a pair of knives at a Walmart, prosecutors said. And then he attacked Dobbie in Daylight in front of the laundromat and piercing her heart and lungs. Her 11-year-old twin was there when he did that thing, and his footage also recorded in a surveillance camera.

    Elsie Clement, a woman who was a child when flick attacked her mother to death, said the judge who set him free would have to answer to Dobbie’s children.

    “I would like just to stand there and tell [Dobbie’s] boys, explain to them how this man was on the streets and how it’s OK,” Clement told the local NBC outlet.

    “How the law makes it alright for their mom to now be gone and for them to have to witness it.”

    The flick will be sentenced in August and faces life behind bars.