Seung Yoon, actor, removed from “Love me actually” and “Melo is my nature” for aiding and abetting Girlfriend’s DUI


    Seung Yoon is a South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and group leader of boy group winner. He is born on 21 January 1994 in Busan. He learned to play the guitar in the eighth grade. And he began his career through participation in the reality television contest superstar K2 and finished in fourth place.

    Seung Yoon has been booked for aiding and abetting girlfriends’ DUI

    According to the police, Oh Seung Yoon’s girlfriend was caught drinking and driving in Incheon on June 26, while he was in the vehicle. According to reports, the blood alcohol level is said to be 0.101%. “I tried to stop her from drunk driving, but I wasn’t able to in the end,” Seung said.

    Because of this, he was booked without detention on the charges of aiding and abetting drunk driving and was questioned at the police station. Seung Yoon stated, “I am deeply reflecting and will dutifully participate in the police investigation.”

    What’s heartbreaking for his career?

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    source- moonrock

    Seung Yoon is known for his role in “the last empress” and appearance on MBC’s “Love me.” But now there is bad news for him.

    He has been removed from the “love me actually” and “Melo is my nature” casts. After aiding and abetting his girlfriend’s DUI. The producer stated, “We understand viewers may feel uncomfortable seeing Seung Yoon on the show, so from this week’s episode onward, we’ll edit him out as much as possible without disrupting the story that involves him interacting with other participants.”

    Upcoming drama “Melo is my nature” also stated, “the staff has decided to switch the actor with another actor.” We’ll reshoot all scenes from episodes 1 to 14 that oh Seung Yoon filmed for. We’ll undergo reorganization as a result. Our premiere date has been delayed to August 9.

    Hope things will get better sooner!