Shaquille O’Neal, Shaq, hits up tomorrow land EDM festival


    The NBA legend Shaq recently spotted moshing at the tomorrow land EDM festival in Belgium over the weekend. It turns out Shaq is really into dance and music.

    Tomorrowland is an EDM festival that takes place every year in Belgium, and Modestep is a dubstep duo hailing from London.

    “living his best life.” 

    Shaq has spun his basketball stardom into a DJ career in recent years. He is living his best life right now. Recently he was at Modestep’s tomorrow land EDM concert, dancing with a random crowd. It’s quite rare for 47 years old and 7 feet tall men to attend EDM festivals or concerts. But this man proved all the theories wrong. He doesn’t fall into the category of being an ordinary person, as he tends to play by his own rules. Shaq really had a blast dancing and moshing with a group of people. And he danced like a maniac as if nobody was there.

    shaq at edm fest
    Tomorrowland EDM festival source- Pinterest

    Last year, Shaq, who goes by DJ diesel in the EDM world, told us of is vibe at shows. “Deejaying brings me back to my playing days. When I am up on stage in front of 100,000 people at a festival, it’s game 7. The energy is just wild, and I get competitive. I need to throw down the best set possible.” Mission accomplished!

    Modstep expressed Shaq’s amazement!

    In a video from the festival, the 7 foot 1 former NBA player is seen grooving along with his fans, with a massive smile on his face. On twitter, Modstep expressed amazement at the fact that Shaq attended their concert. He tweeted: went from no home to Shaq Dancing to my music 24 hrs I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

    Meanwhile, fans shared photos and videos of the former basketball player dancing to the music. He happily posed for pictures with fans and was really enjoying the fest.