Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello dived into the ocean for a hot make-out session.


    No matter how hard Shawn tried to hide the truth, but the truth will always come out. Previously Shawn has denied being romantically involved with Camilla Cabello. But his recent make-out session has something else to say The two took a dip in the Miami Beach and were captured having an intimate moment in the sun.

    credits: Refinery 29

    How much the couple tries to deny the truth, but we all know that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are having the best summer romance. The American based singers made the headlines with their breathtaking chemistry in their recent single Senorita. Senorita music video has gained more than millions of view over Youtube. From their sizzling romance in the video, the couple was spotted getting intimate on numerous occasions. From Camilla cheering Shawn at the music award to the Duo making out at the dinner, the couple has been making headlines.


    One more time the couple has created another hot headline, the paparazzi spotted the singers making out in Miami. The singer increased the temperature of the water with their sizzling make-out session. Camilwas was looking super hot in white monokini while Shawn dived with a pair of black shorts.

    According to Jared Shawn was in Miami for a concert for his tour while Camilla joined him in Miami as a destination. A clip from Shawn his recent concert has gone viral in which he was trying to ignore the questions about his relationship with Camilla