Shawn Mendes And Camilla Cabello Kissing? Know It All Here? Truth Revealed.


    One can say that the biggest mystery of this year is whether the Senorita co-singers, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello are dating each other or not.

    Camilla is Shawn’s Senorita

    Ever since the release of their first album together I Know What Did Last Summer, fans on both sides wanted the two to hook up. But at that time both of them were just friends. But recently with the release of their latest album Senorita, both the stars gave us a lot to talk about.

    The chemistry between the two in the song is undoubtedly jaw-dropping. One can’t deny the sparks flying off between them. Both of them made the song look so sizzling and hot that I’m sure you can feel the temperature rising up. And then the fans, as well as the rumor mill, joined hands to ship both of them together.

    Shawn hasn’t denied the rumors

    Recently in a Q&A session with his fans, Shawn was asked about his relationship with the ex-Fifth Harmony member. And his reaction told us that there’s definitely something brewing up between the two. The 20-year-old Mercy singer didn’t answer the question as it looked that he was a bit taken aback by the sudden question.

    But what caught our attention was the way he smiled and actually blushed at the question. Well, words aren’t needed always. During another meeting with his fans when he was asked the same, he just shook his head. He moved on to the next question casually laughing off without saying anything.

    Their PDA makes us think they are dating

    The two of them have also given us quite a show of PDA. They were caught at different occasions by paparazzi and fans holding hands, getting a little bit cozy, and even kissing and cuddling with each other. On July 12, the two were seen snuggling at a cafe in San Francisco. Similarly, they happily held hands in Los Angeles on July 17.

    Cabello, 22 has broken up with her boyfriend Mathew Hussey around the time of the release of Senorita. This gives us all the more reason to believe that “Shamila” is definitely a thing. We hope that one of them makes it official soon.