Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Dating rumors are false, They are just good friends


    Subsequent to her recent breakup, singer Camila Cabello has been unable to avoid headlines pertaining to anything but her rumored relationship with Shawn Mendes.

    Of course, the two have shared the stage on many an occasion over the past half-a-decade, and have even gone as far as to call the other their best friend, but the relationship still remains platonic given the fact that neither has addressed the flurry of rumors over the past few weeks.

    Cabello first Mendes in 2014 as part of the group Fifth Harmony, as both the acts were opening for Austin Mahone’s ‘Live on Tour.’

    Credit: Wire Image

    Later, in 2015, the pair released the single ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ which became a chart-topper around the world and went multi-platinum in the United States after a spate of much-talked-about live performances by the two.

    This was followed by years of mutual admiration between the singers, with each unconditionally supporting the other’s career trajectory, with their plethora of tweets talking about one another’s releases bearing testament to the fact.

    The pleasantries merited another single, in the form of 2019’s ‘Senorita,’ and the sultry music video accompanying it has only served to refuel the conjecture over the possibility of Mendes and Cabello being in a relationship.

    Cabello has been subject to an outpouring of affection after her reported breakup with Matthew Hussey, a British dating coach, and YouTube personality, just last week, although the singer had to intervene after many supporters took to Instagram in an attempt to deride Hussey, pleading fans to not cause ‘more pain.’

    Many have, as is obvious, speculated that the proximity between Cabello and Mendes might’ve been the primary factor behind the unsavory conclusion to her year-long relationship, but rumors will stay rife until onlookers receive answers to their questions, which probably won’t be anytime soon.