Shawn Mendes & Camilla Cabello caught sizzled the beach with their chemistry, were caught making out!!


    It looks like Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello have taken some inspiration from their latest collab ‘Señorita.’ They were spotted on a Miami beach kissing passionately. They have been spotted having fun with each other quite often.

    There have been dating rumors about the duo since they showed sizzling chemistry in ‘Señorita’ going around. The song has managed to grab millions of views on YouTube.

    Shawn and Camilla have been pretty could about their relationship though they could be seen kissing and cuddling all over the country, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and now Miami.

    A source says: ” It already feels to them that they have been together for a lot longer than they have.”


    The Havana singer attended Mendes’ July 5 concert previously. Two days later the two were seen on a dinner date at a West Hollywood diner. ” They walked in and took a booth, and Camilla put her head on Shawn’s shoulder” as told by one of the onlookers.

    On July 13, another onlooker spotted Shawn making out with Camilla at a cafe in San Francisco. ” They looked very into each other. Shawn and Camilla were splitting pancakes” as said by another onlooker.

    Shawn has previously dated Hailey Baldwin, and Camilla has dated Matthew Hussey. Camilla and Hussey broke up in June.

    Camilla and Shawn have been friends for a long time. Although they have not officially announced anything, it is pretty obvious what is going on between them. The public show of passion and affection has created a mixed emotion among the fans.

    Fans are expecting an official announcement from the two superstars about their relationship status. Few are really happy to see their idols getting all the love while few are a bit heartbroken. Let’s see how things will turn out in the future.