Shay Mitchell bares her baby bump in bikini photos on a beach vacation


    Shay Mitchell shares a stunning picture  showing her baby bump on a beach vacation with her friend

    The Canadian actress and model Shay Mitchell are famous for her role as Emily Fields in the famous series Pretty Little Liars, and she has recently announced her pregnancy over an Instagram post. She also shared pictures of her maternity photoshoot, where she finally let her baby bump bare for her fans to see for the very first time.

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    Earlier in January, she revealed that she had a miscarriage in 2018 and now recently Mitchell also posted a video on her YouTube channel titled “Guess Who’s Preggers,” talking about her pregnancy. In the video, she has shared glimpses of the maternity photoshoot, the doctor appointments with her boyfriend Matte Babel and her feelings about being pregnant.

    However, Currently, the actress is on a duo vacation in Italy with her friend Alex Merrel and has been posting stunning beach photos in bikinis.

    Mitchell’s friend Alex also posted a picture with her, in which the two are seen in bikinis with their hair wrapped in matching towels, and the caption to her post reads “I swear it isn’t mine.”

    Mitchell has not talked about when is she due; in fact, she said that she did not want to come out on the social media about her pregnancy. She announced it only when her bump was of a noticeable size and could not be kept hidden anymore.

    Now that it has been officially announced we could expect more photos and posts from Mitchell.