Shocking- Harry Styles Deactivated His Instagram Account But Why? What is The Reason?


    Social media platforms are the easiest and convenient way for fans to keep track of the lives of their favorite stars. Almost all celebrity has Instagram accounts through which they keep the fans updated. But when your favorite star is off from Instagram for a year, what can you do? Yes, Harry Styles, the singer of One Direction, is no more on Instagram.


    Instagram Not For A Year

    It is unbelievable, but Harry has been off from Insta for over a year now. Last year, during this month, he posted a picture and wrote- ” I am off to write some more music, and I hope I’ll be seeing you very soon.”

    In the same post, he also thanked his band, his crew, and bid them goodbye. It was enough a hint from Harry’s part that he will not work on Instagram for some time. But fans did not predict that the time period is going to be so long.

    What Is The Reason?

    Although it was clear in Harry’s post that he is taking some time off to concentrate on his creative energy, he was going to devote all his time to write songs. But, is it the real reason? Speculations are going around, and fans are eager to see their star back on Instagram.

    Stalker of Harry

    Recently, it is heard that a stalker is stalking Harry, who is keeping him a lot busy in his personal life. Pablo Taeazaga-Orego is the 26-year-old stalker of Harry, and he has been following the pop star for two months now. He is living outside Harry’s residence and also has been sending messages in his letterbox.

    However, the stalker has been arrested by the police now.

    Big News for Harry

    This is going to be an exciting phase for Harry’s career. The singer turned actor might play the iconic role of Prince Eric in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid by Disney.

    Hope to see some awesome action on-screen by Harry. Please come back to Instagram as fans are desperately waiting for you.