Shocking- Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Wessex Nearly Split? Is it Real?


    Celebrity couples are always on the news giving us some interesting bits of their lives. And when it comes to Royal couples, the news becomes a breaking one and takes no minute to spread. So, when the news of slitting up of Prince Edward and Sophie, countess of Wessex came into notice, it made quite a hue and cried among everyone.

    Last month, the couple celebrated twenty years of marriage anniversary and shared a beautiful portrait of the two on the grand occasion in honor to cherish the moment.

    Is It A Split?

    However, like every relationship and marriage, the couple had their own ups and downs.  In her book ” Prince Edward.” Ingrid Seward wrote about the early days of the couple, where Sophie suffered from real adjustment problems. It is certainly not easy to be a part of a royal family. The issues of adjustments led to the usual disagreements, which all most all couples go through. In 1994, the problems rose to such a level that the couple almost parted their ways.

    How They Held Together

    According to one close friend of Edward, he was “unnerved” by the whole difficult phase that his marriage was undergoing. But, Sophie was the one who held back the relationship in all means. Edward was unable to take a proper decision, but Sophie remained calm. At any cost, she did not want this to end.

    All Rubbish

    Just as a perfect member of the Royal Family, Sophie handled the situation beautifully and gracefully. When there were ample rumors about the couple’s split up in public, she cleared off the air of confusion saying it’s all rubbish.

    She knew that they were able to overcome the rough patch, and she was determined to get her relationship back on track. Prince Edward and Sophie, reunited in 1994.

    Happily Ever After

    The happy couple fought away all the battles and got married in June 1999 at St. George’s Chapel. They are the proud parents of daughter Lady Louise and son James, Viscount Severn.

    Wish the couple more beautiful years of togetherness ahead.