Shocking Video: Alien spotted on security cam in Colorado.


    According to, a woman from Colorado, Vivian Gomez recently posted a strange video on social media. This video immediately went viral and made headlines internationally.

    Vivian Gomez ‘s security camera caught an alien in her driveway. At first, the video was assumed to be fake. But the video footage was neither edited nor photoshopped. Vivian said that she is unaware of such skills.

    Here’s what Vivian Gomez had to say in her post on twitter:
    “So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out…what the heck?? First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing….has anyone else seen this on their cameras?? The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason.”

    Vivian said that she lives with her kids. However, they were inside the house during that time. The incident reportedly took place about 9 p.m. Vivian Gomez’s home is next to a field of a local high school. But there cannot be any kids around to play pranks on her during that time of the day. Therefore, in other words, the creature which was captured in the video footage was an alien.

    For once, Twitter made a new theory that the creature can be Dobby.
    For people who do not know who Dobby is: Dobby is a lovable, skittish elf from the Harry Potter series. One of the commenter’s pointed out that the creature looks more like a child. The child is in some sort of disguise, having some fun. In the video when the “alien”, moves in front of the car, one can tell that it was wearing shorts and flip flops, and some kind of hat on its head.

    The video has been viewed, 9 million times on Facebook since it has been posted.