Shocking Video: Gang of 14 Teenage Boys & Girls Attacked a Man Outside Hotel, Washington.


    A very unusual incident happened which involves a group of fourteen teenage boys and girls. According to reports, the unfortunate incident took place on July 14, around 1 a.m. Police are doing their best to hunt these teenagers.

    What Is The Incident?

    A video went viral showing the gang of these young girls and boys are beating up an old man outside a reputed hotel in Washington, DC. The man was a tourist and the video captures the brutal beating of that poor victim.

    Cameras put in the entrance of the Washington Hilton Hotel has the footage of this horrible incident. The two victims were walking toward Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue when they noticed a group juvenile. They were standing at a corner. One of the members of that group was walking towards the man and pointing him. Victim 2 in his statement said that one of the juveniles screams and said “That’s him” while he was pointing the actual victim. Videos showed that the girls and boys of around 13-14 years are beating up that man.

    On Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police Department released the video. To get more information about the incident and about the criminals who participated in such a shocking act, the authorities are seeking public help.

    Footage of Beating Up The Man

    The videos are quite disturbing and show the poor condition of the man who was in the face of danger. The teenager gang at first exchange a few words with the man. After that, one of the boys punches him and knocks him backward. Then, the whole group comes forward and starts kicking and punching the innocent man time and again.

    CREDIT: Metropolitan Police Department

    The name of the victim is yet not known. However, the poor man suffered a great injury and was admitted to a hospital. He had a head injury and left eye socket injury. Victim 2 suffered a swollen left eye. Both of them have been locally treated.

    The attackers were wearing black clothes according to the reports. It is reported under an assault and it will have serious consequences. Teenagers will be punished.

    What Is The Reason?

    The reason for this mishap still unknown. Police chief Peter Newsham says this might be a case of mistaken identity.