Shocking- Youtube Star Grant Thompson Died In A Paragliding Accident, He Was Just 38 Years Old


    It’s another shocking news for the entertainment industry. Youtube star Grant Thompson passed away in an unfortunate accident. His family has said that the 38-year-old Youtube sensation died in a paragliding accident.


    Details Of The Sudden Death

    Grant’s family filed a missing report on Monday as he did not return home that night. Naturally, his family members were worried. After the lodge of the file, police found the body of Thompson early on Tuesday morning in St. George, Utah. He went for a paragliding trip on Monday according to his family.

    The police authority used Grant’s GPS and with a search helicopter, they found his body. They discovered the equipment of paragliding and a device of video recording where the mishap took place.


    The Youtube Star

    Grant Thompson created the popular Youtube channel ‘King of Random”. His channel had a whopping 11 million subscribers proving definitely that he was the king of contents. Grants’ channel posted a lot of videos about experimental projects and clips. All most all videos had a huge number of views. However, the video ” How To Make Lego Gummy Candy” is still the most popular video of his channel. It has more than 26 million views.

    Remembering Grant

    The King of Random page on Instagram posted the shocking death of the versatile personality. It confirmed the news that Grant has passed away and everyone is certainly very upset with the sudden demise. But even after his death, his legacy will continue. No one can ever forget the big global community that he created with his amazing contents.

    In January 2010, Grant created his Youtube channel. While for some people it takes a lot of time to establish as Youtube star, Grant started gaining recognition from the beginning because of his unique concepts.

    Grant’s family is still under shock but they made a tribute video for all Grant’s fans in honor of his great contribution to the community. People are watching the tribute videos over and over again. The video is named ” Grant Thompson In Memoriam”.

    RIP Grant.