Simple and effective Tips to stay successful on Instagram


    Social networking websites have become the latest craze for many users and Instagram is at the top of the list. Many social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become a virtual world in itself with millions of members. What is appropriate and what is not when you use the biggest photo-sharing app, Instagram? What kind of attitude will likely get you into trouble? What behavior enables a positive experience in the long run? What tips help you stay active on Instagram without getting into trouble?

    These are topics that need to be explored and something that many overlook!

    • Cyber ethics is something that many of us don’t give importance to. We all talk about various online villains like viruses, malware, hacking, cyberstalking, insider threats, etc. Many of us are not aware of the most violated issues of all: online etiquette that gets people in trouble.
    • How many of you think before publishing your thoughts on Instagram? There are so many status updates with useless messages like I’m bored, life sucks, I feel like eating ice cream, etc. Yeah, it does get the attention of a few who live on social networks like Instagram, but it can be quite disturbing for others to see such statuses flooding their home page! Don’t share everything that pops into your head, think first! However tight your security is, always assume that everyone can see your page. It can be anyone: the next-door neighbor you hate, your class tutor, the guy or girl who stalks you, your ex(s), your parents (!) and anyone! Anyone can pull out your page with a couple of clever searches.
    • When you meet someone new, go ahead say hello and introduce yourself. Tell the person how you came across him or her. It is better than just starting a conversation that freaks them out! When a person denies your request, respect their privacy. Don’t keep sending requests! It borders to cyberstalking.
    • There are so many stories on Instagram being exploited for the wrong reasons. The irony is that many of us are not aware when we breach the online etiquette. Instagram can do amazing things, but we should ensure that we don’t exploit it just because it is a place for free speech.

    Interact with others:

    • One way is that you become active on Instagram. Enhanced your interactions with others will strengthen your contact base to which you can promote your Instagram posts. You can share your videos, photos with your network of friends and all of your followers.
    • You can ask people to view and comment on your videos and photos. Your followers will likely to start talking about your video and will forward it to their friends. Another way is to buy Instagram views over here. This buying out of Instagram views will be active promotion of your posts to popularize it. Increased number of views will, in turn, encourage more people to view it and more and more visitors will be drawn to your posts.