Singer Stevie Wonder Is Taking A Break From Singing As He’s Having A Kidney Transplant Soon…


    Amidst his health rumors, Stevie Wonders finally came clean with his health condition, announcing that he will be undergoing a kidney transplant later this year.

    Stevie Wonders will have a kidney transplant soon

    The 69-year-old singer and songwriter made the announcement Saturday night at the end of a British Summer Time Concert at Hyde Park in London. He said he would be taking a break from music after completing his three more concerts, the next one being in Dublin, Ireland on July 9.

    Wonder took the concertgoers by surprise when after playing his last song of the night Superstition, he suddenly talked about his health condition. He said that he has a donor so he is going to have surgery, more specifically a kidney transplant in September this year. He told the audience that he announced so that they don’t listen to any more rumors about his bad health in the future.

    When he reassured his fans that he’s ok

    The singer reassured his supporters from the stage that he’s good saying “I’m all good, I’m all good, I’m all good. I have a donor; it’s all good”. He further said that he came to the concert to give his love to fans and to thank them for their passion. Despite his bad health, he has been attending shows in the past.

    Wonder performed a series of hits in the concert and paid tribute to many singers including John Lennon, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and many others. Despite his bad health, Wonder was excellent as usual in his performance eliciting cheers and applaud from his tens of thousands of fans even after he told them about his surgery.

    Rumors regarding his health conditions began last month when a radio host told listeners that the singer had started dialysis after suffering from kidney failure. The Detroit Press also reported that he had been suffering from a severe but manageable health issue and accompanied by a medical team while traveling overseas.

    The legendary singer who’s won 25 Grammys

    Steve Wonders has been nominated for 74 Grammy and won 25. He’s known for his hits like For Once In My Life, You’re My Sunshine, Isn’t She Lovely to name a few. We hope his surgery goes well and wish him a speedy recovery in the future.