Sinking Into The Growth Of A Rising Entrepreneur: Sami Raja


    An entrepreneur buds in his woven thread of success and integrity after immense hard work. Similarly, a business doesn’t grow on its own without anyone carrying it on their shoulders by coming up with new strategies and ideas to bring it. One such hardworking soul who cared immensely for the upbringing of his business was Mr. Sami Raja. An entrepreneur isn’t just shot out of the sky but is born within a mind craving for more success and reaching greater heights. 

    Mr. Sami Raja has always had clear visions of what his future would look like, and he has strived to make this a reality. He has shown a keen interest in the world of business from a very young age, which is the main reason why his ambitions and dreams were so strong and apt. With experience in the business field at a strikingly young age, the value of money and success has been well etched in his heart.  

    “My life has been a mixture of crossing hurdles and extreme struggles. But in spite of all this, I’ve never put my foot down. I feel that learning is the key to achieving any form of success in your life. So, I cross these hurdles every single day, looking forward to a bright future”

    • Sami Raja 

    Rising From The Struggles

    Being single-handedly brought up by his mother, Sami Raja has always linked his inspiration to her. He was born in England under extreme struggles, starting his first job at the early age of 12. Who knew that this hard worker who worked at a fish and chips store would rise as one of the leading business entrepreneurs today? The one thing that pushed Sami Raja to move forward with his ambitions was his mother who worked very hard and his passion for business. As a stepping stone, by the age of 15, he took over the business and ran it by using his tactical business skills. He was able to earn the trust of his customers by treating them like how a true businessman would, which made them regularly drop in at his store. Sami Raja handled the business in a very skilled manner, by single-handedly managing everything at one go. 

    Though all this is considered as a struggling scenario, Sami Raja treats this as a lesson of his steps towards achieving success. By being through such difficulties in life, he has learned to face the downfalls and the uprisings of his business in a very positive manner, which can be corrected later with the right implementation.  

    Using Skills As His Weapon

    “Creativity is something you practice, not something you’re born with”

    • Unknown

    This is one of the famous sayings that Sami Raja firmly believes in and something that he has proven over the past years. His most cherished weapon of all times is his abundant knowledge among certain areas in the business field. His tremendous skills have bought him the position of a stockbroker at the age of 21 which is a sheer outcome of all the hard work and dedication he has put into this. By being able to dedicate his time and sweat into the growing world of investment, finance, etc, the business would turn out to be a remote success. 

    What strikes the most to commoners is the fact that Sami Raja is a born businessman with tremendous inbuilt skills, as he had no background to any business fields, nor a college degree of any sort. This shows his immense dedication towards striving to become one of the best, without anything stopping him from pursuing ahead. One of the inbuilt tools you must possess in order to run a business is to have the right set of skills in place that will help you manage it well. Sami Raja learned this the hard way by crossing many hurdles and reaching that spot where he could see his vision from a distance. This is one advice he would like to share with the world.  

    “Giving up seem like a very easy option when you’re facing difficulties, but if you try a little hard and deal with your difficulties rather than running away from it, you will see wonders come your way. All it needs is a little push and a touch of creativity.” 

    • Sami Raja

    Stepping Stones 

    Having lived a decent life with his mother, who single-handedly brought him up, Sami Raja’s childhood was dedicated to supporting her. He holds the titles of a marketing consultant, investment expert and much more when it comes to the business field. Having over 12 years of experience as an independent investment marketing consultant, he was able to dig his roots deeper into this field. He invested in a premium footwear cleaning product, which is known as Clean Kicks, and also in the online store that specialises in selling beach wears, swimwears and other accessories for women known as Desert Angels. Apart from all this venture, Sami Raja decided to start up his own consultancy known as Sami Raja Consultancy in London. He widened this dream and began one in UAE as well, which happened to get great reviews among people. Being the CEO of this consulting firm, he aims to help other budding entrepreneurs and firms cross their sales and reach their marketing goals. 

    Sami Raja has walked the long way and has founded many companies across industries where he played executive roles as a business wiz and an entrepreneur. He had also started a London based marketing consultancy named Heron Marketing. Keeping his mother as his biggest inspiration and motivation, he has worked towards gaining popularity among people in this field by helping many entrepreneurs and companies to get started on their own.  

    Aim Of Sami Raja Consultancy 

    Having established in 2016 with their headquarters in Dubai, Sami Raja Consultancy is known to be a fully serviced business consultancy which also has extended operations in London. This has leaped up the popularity scale, making it one of the leading business consultancies and corporate restructuring industry in UAE. Ever since the establishment, this consultancy has grown to play a wide role in implementing business strategies and expansion of companies across the Middle East. 

    “A business doesn’t stop growing, it continues to grow until it touches the sky. Our consultancy works with implementing the right strategies to help other companies grow by also giving opportunities to new entrepreneurs who need help in setting their firm up” 

    • Sami Raja

    While there are plenty of entrepreneurs and businesses climbing up the roots of the success tree, Sami Raja consultancy helps you climb faster and reach your goal in a quicker way. They specialize in helping you with any marketing-related goals, investment, branding, company formation, etc. You don’t have to worry about finding yourself in that position while forming a company where everyone tends to have starting trouble to get there. Sami Raja consultancy helps in making this process simpler and easier by making your investments worth the wait. 

    Flourishing in this consultancy field, Sami Raja has ideas to expand this further settling well in the GCC regions. As it’s slowly growing and reaching popularity in Dubai, other GCC regions will also gradually pick up making the expansion and success easier.  

    The Other Side Of Sami Raja

    Keeping all the business skills aside, Sami Raja is just like anyone out there who loves animals. His keen interest in the safety of innocent animals being unhealthy has taken a different toll, where he’s decided to take a step to ensure their safety. He has also vouched for animal rights by going to the extreme ensuring that these animals are treated well and taken care of. He has also dedicated himself to fighting for animal rights, which shows that he’s an animal lover while supporting several charities conducted in the name of these animals. 

    He has also considered opening up a dog shelter in India for stranded dogs where food and shelter will be provided to them when they are in need. It’s such a great gesture taken up by Sami Raja to come up with initiatives apart from striving towards making his business grow. Showing his keen interest in such activities shows the other side of Sami Raja, who is more than just a mere businessman. 

    Business Case Study By Sami Raja

    Words can be hypnotic. They have the power to change and transform. Positive words are not available only be to use in our personal lives, to better ourselves. They can also make a huge impact on your professional life and career, organization or corporation. 

    Think of these words, free, discount, deal, and giveaway. These words capture people’s attention like nothing else. They are so powerful that internet users, in particular, will stop everything else that they are doing online and click on something that has one of these words attached to it. E-commerce sites use these words frequently to attract new customers and keep the old ones happy. 

    If you are writing a piece to grab the attention of a reader, you must first engage with their subconscious mind. There are words that will capture and hold people’s interest as soon as they set their eyes on it. These are positive words that deal with emotion. Our human brain reacts to inspiring words and draws in the reader. Words such as exciting, adventurous, relaxing, unique and limited will have a similar reaction. These words make people curious and they want to know what comes after!

    Avoid using words that immediately cause concern or doubt in a person’s mind. These are negative words and they have no place in what you are trying to say. A few negative words and you may lose a potential customer forever. If it doesn’t sound good, people are going to leave. No one wants to sit and read through a piece that has nothing nice and positive to say. 

    As much as we want to find positive words, it doesn’t translate to immediate success. It takes time, as making positive words a part of your life takes time. Positive words equal a good habit. Good habits should be developed through growth and maturity. If you find a power word, use it when appropriate. But, don’t go overboard. There is a difference between using positive words and sugar-coating everything. People nowadays are smart and they want to be where intelligence is talking. 

    Words are important to our everyday communication. It is the difference between making an impact and causing a failure. The wrong words and you will be misunderstood, or even worse, lose out on something that matters. So yes, the right words matter greatly!

    Positive words matter in a work environment, social life and the community at large. If you can think back on the last time you used both positive and negative words, and how each time the person you used it with reacted, you will understand the reason why we’ve decided to focus so much time on speaking positively. 

    When you speak, what does it say about you? Do your words encourage? Positively reinforce? Or, simply drag down? Words can make or break a person, they can hurt or transform a situation. The power of using the right words are in your hands. Use them wisely, and with good intent! 

    Message To Future Entrepreneur

    Facing a lot of struggles during his childhood has been a good experience according to Sami Raja as it has shown him a glimpse of how his future would look like. He claims that one should work hard every second of his life to make something out of what he has done so far. Every other entrepreneur will have a motive when it comes to aspiring something in their life, but that comes with a price and it should be paid. 

    “I come across many entrepreneurs every single day. Some seem to have a motive and passion hidden beneath whereas some lack confidence. I convey my story and try to instill a kind of motivation in them so that they know what they’re up to and what brought them to my firm. I wish that future entrepreneurs try believing in themselves before setting out for anything.”

    • Sami Raja