Social media personality Emily Hartridge died after collision with truck


    Social media personality Emily Hartridge died after meeting with an accident. She was reportedly on her electric scooter when she collided with a truck.

    The accident was reported as the first fatality relating to an electric scooter in the UK. The collision took place at Queen’s Circus roundabout in Battersea on Friday morning. ( Local time) No arrests have been made as of now. According to the Metropolitan police, an unnamed woman in her 30s suffered severe injury in the accident, and after that, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

    The electric scooter is deemed illegal on public roads in the UK as they are not yet roadworthy. UK transport minister said that he has planned to meet with representatives from sporting goods store Helford and scooter-share company lime, Bird and B Mobility. He would discuss how best to inform consumers about the law relating to bought or hired scooters before the purchase.

    Currently, it’s being reviewed whether or not the electric scooter is safe for public roads. And if they are deemed reliable, then proper regulations will be implemented to ensure public safety. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that laws relating to electric scooters will change. The official also urged people to restrain from using E-scooter in public roads as it is currently illegal.

    According to her YouTube page, she started uploading videos on her YouTube account seven years ago. She mostly preferred her video to be in listicle form. Her last video was titled “10 Reasons to Get a Younger Boyfriend.” Her relationship as her boyfriend inspired the video is eight years younger than her. She also appeared in the short TV series “Sketch My Life” and the series “Oh Shit I’m 30.”

    Many from the YouTube community paid their respect to her and were deeply saddened by the sudden demise.