Son Of Beth And Duane Chapman, Leland Hospitalised After Dogs Massive Attack, Critical Condition?


    Leland Chapman, son of the well-known couple Duane “Dog” Chapman and Beth Chapman, was hospitalized in Alabama. This is after he gets injured in a manhunt. The incident occurred on the first manhunt of Chapman’s after the death of their beloved Beth Chapman. On 26th June Beth said goodbye to the world while fighting with throat cancer.

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    Exactly What Caused The Hospitalization?

    ‘The Blast’ talked to one of the sources who elaborated on the incident properly. The father duo was on the manhunt of an accused who is facing domestic violence charges and found guilty for harassment. Leland and Duane were in search of Edward Morales in Adams County, Colorado on July 9’s afternoon.  An arrest warrant was issued against Morale on June 24 when he didn’t turn up to the court for a hearing.

    Dog Chapman and Leland Chapman star in 'Dog The Bounty Hunter'
    Dog Chapman and Leland Chapman star in ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter.’

    The Chapman’s were reportedly even managed to trace Morale. Eventually, they lunged at the incriminated one. While struggling, Leland reportedly tore his Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL) for which he was taken to the hospital.

    One of the outlet’s sources appreciated Leland while saying that he struggled hard even after being injured. He added, “The guy fought like hell.” Later, he even managed to restrain the suspect and take the accused in custody. Morale’s new house after the arrest is Adams County Jail.

    To heal the injury, surgery is due for next week, as reports suggest. If this is true, then the son will be seen on crutches in his mother Beth Chapman’s July 13’s memorial service. It is planned in Colorado.

    Chapman Family

    Chapman Family, Image Credit: Pinterest
    Chapman Family, Image Credit: Pinterest

    The Chapman family is a renowned one, and all credit goes to their bounty hunting series ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter.’ It is also set to make an appearance in ‘Dog’s Most Wanted,’ the A&E series.

    Beth Chapman’s Sad Demise

    Notably, Beth died in Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, after being in a medically-induced coma for four days before her death. She was 51. Several memorials were held after her demise by the Chapman’s. And the Saturday one is due at the Heritage Christian Center.