Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo: Song-song couple divorced


    The song-song couple has finally divorced each other. They had confessed in their interviews that marital conflicts were making their relationship challenging to be continued with each other. Both have been married for two years and have been working as co-stars in the drama named Descendants of the sun. They had started dating each other since then. Hye could be seen without her wedding ring.

    The Song-Song couple files a divorce

    The couple who are dubbed as the song-song couple has decided to put an end to their relationship. Hailing from North Korea, the couple has been married for two years. They have been shot to fame by their debut roles in Descendants of the Sun. In this popular drama, Joong could be seen as a soldier, whereas Hye Kyo could be seen as a doctor. Both had tied the knot on October 11, 2017. Their marriage has been a celebration for all their fans. However, their decision of parting was a shock to their fans.

    The Conflicts

    The couple has reasoned that there are many marital conflicts which have compelled them to take this decision of filing a divorce. Joong, in an interview, has said that he is trying to heal his wounds whereas Hye Kyo has said that she does not want to involve herself in any blame games. The couple hasn’t shared much about the downfall of their relationship. She was even spotted without her wedding ring. However, in fact, their divorce has been confirmed, and there seem no chances of reconciliation now.

    Their current projects

    Song song

    Joong is currently seen in Arthdal Chronicles whereas Hye Kyo could be seen in the drama named Encounters. They both were seen working together in Descendants of the sun, which was the ground of the commencement of their love affair.