‘Song-Song’ couple, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Ki have begun divorce proceedings


    The South Korean show,’Descendants of the Sun’, not only gave left its fans with all the feels, but also made out dreams come true when we found out that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo were getting married in real lief. Unfortunately, news of their divorce recently plagued the news and there might be bad news for fans of the show and for the people who ‘ship’ the couple together.

    The fans who had hoped that the show might be renewed with a sequel with the ‘Song-Song’ couple can bid their dreams goodbye because the ‘marriage of the century’, as fans dubbed it, has led to a divorce.

    Image result for song song coupleThe couple had still not stated a reason for their divorce on any public platform, nor via a representative, which begs the question as to why this happened in the first place. The news of the divorce first emerged when Song Hye Kyo was seen roaming without her wedding ring, and deleted all photos of then hubby, Song Joong Ki, from SNS. After which a representative of Song Joong Ki announced it publicly.

    The couple wish for their privacy at a time like this and would like to complete the legal procedures by the end of July. The proceedings have already begun and they would like their privacy from hounding fans with questions. They intend for the process to go smoothly without any bad blood from both sides.

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    Song Joong Ki’s father reportedly hasn’t left the house since news of the divorce hit the news. He is depressed and won’t take any calls. The actor reportedly didn’t discuss the matter of divorce with his wife before taking action. There were already growing conflicts between the two and had apparently moved out of their honeymoon home a few months before their divorce.

    Song Joong Ki is getting flak for keeping his parents in the dark about the divorce after news that he is depressed was released by a reporter, and also for the surprise divorce announcement while Hye Ki was away for a photoshoot in Thailand.

    There has been no further news regarding the ‘Song-Song’ couple but fans will have to start accepting that the ‘couple of the year’ is not a title that can be given to the pair anymore.