Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ Dog Killed After Being Hit By A Car; Worst Kind Of Freak Accident


    Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s dog was killed in a “freak accident” in New York City earlier this week. And the newlyweds are still mourning their beloved dog.

    How The Accident Happened

    A rep for Joe Jonas recently confirmed the happenings to TMZ. On July 24 (Wednesday), the couple’s dog, named Waldo Picasso Jonas was being walked by their dog walker in Manhattan’s Lower East Side when he got “spooked” by a pedestrian and escaped from his leash. He ran onto the road amidst oncoming traffic and was then run over by a vehicle.

    The rep said that it was an unfortunate “freak accident”  and that the 23 and 29-year-old couple, emotionally struggling with the aftermath of the incident, decided to consult a therapist for help.

    Two days later, on Friday, after therapy, the distraught couple reported the incident to the New York Police Department.

    Waldo Picasso Jonas: A History Of Love

    Waldo was an Alaskan Klee Kai who Turner and Jonas adopted in the April of 2018. They first adopted the dog’s brother, Porky.

    The dog also had its own Instagram account titled waldopicassojonas with 45k followers.

    The account has only one post, captioned “Bruthuz.”

    The couple has posted multiple photos with their dogs on their own Instagram accounts, all sweetly captioned.

    Jonas and Turner have not yet made any public statement addressing their loss, and the police report details remain unclear.

    In December, the singer described Waldo to Today as “shy,” compared to Porky, the wilder dog, but he remarked that both dogs lived the “bougiest” lifestyle he’d ever seen a dog live, flying internationally and even having their passports.

    “Taking care of these two dogs has been so amazing,” Jonas told the magazine. “In New York, it’s great too — there’s obviously a lot of dogs and amazing dog parks, so they love it. I love it.”He also added that his dogs make him “really happy.”