Spider Man Tom Holland Dating Olivia Bolton? Who is That Mystery Girl In Tom’s Life? New Girlfriend Alert


    Celebrities love to keep their fans excited. While the whole world thought that our beloved Spider-Man Tom Holland was actually dating his co-star Zendeya, the truth is different. Guess with whom Tom was spotted recently? Is this his secret girlfriend? Tom was seen roaming around with his supposed lady love in his arms.

    Is Tom Dating?

    Well, Tom was first spotted with the mysterious girl in London at a music festival in early June. The two were engaged in complete PDA in front of the media and they were watching Black Eyed Peas and Robin Williams. Speculations started as soon as the duo was spotted together and it is now considered that Tom finally has a new girlfriend in his life. Her name is Olivia Bolton.


    Who is Olivia Bolton?

    It is assumed that Tom has been seeing this girl for months now. Olivia Bolton is a family friend of Tom whom he met through his parents. Photos from their music festival were proof enough of the news of their dating. Olivia is a lifelong friend of Tom.

    According to reports, Tom’s and Olivia’s parents were very close family friends of each other. However, it took some time for them to realize the connection that they share. Their friends and family think that Tom and Olivia make a very lovely couple. Indeed both the families are happy with the great news.

    New Couple on the Block

    The couple kept their relationship under covers until summer when they made their first public appearance together. Fans also have found childhood photos of the two together on social media. Although some fans are very upset to find out that Zendeya and Tom are not together. Also, it is going to remain a secret forever whether Tom ever dated Zendeya or not. However, the two share a very good friendship and they definitely make a good pair on screen.

    Tom Follows Olivia On Instagram

    The best way to keep track of any celebrity’s life is to follow their Instagram. While it is found that Olivia kept her profile private, Tom is a follower of her profile. So, what does it mean? Is Olivia trying to keep her relationship with a high profile celebrity private?

    Let speculations go all around. We hope Tom soon make an official announcement about his love life.