Spinderella Filed A Lawsuit Against Salt-N-Pepa!


    Spinderella filled a lawsuit against Salt-N-Pepa over unpaid royalties.

    The Lawsuit
    Spin filed a lawsuit against her two groupmates, saying that she was swindled out of dollars since 1999. According to the lawsuit, Spin was promised to receive a third of the royalties the Best Of the album but did not. From the release, she was thus guaranteed to receive $125,000. That’s a huge amount!Spinderella

    Billboard Music Awards
    If you thought, it was the only problem; hold on. Spin said she was also excluded from the VH1. She was again promised to receive one third the funds, but was limited to guest spots and got paid less than what was promised to her. In 2018, she appeared for Billboard Music Awards but again not paid. Was she doing some charity all this while? She deserves to be paid for all her hard work.
    SoundExchange reported that her groupmates earned over 600,000 dollars over the last ten years. SoundExchange is the company that distributes royalties to the artists, and it revealed her groupmates earnings. Spinderella received no penny. Spin is still being used in promotions, and they have breached the contract.

    Of course, it is a fraud. It is pathetic to know that music industry with known stars to has some fraudulent contracts. We hope she gets what is due to her.