Star Trek fans get ready for the upcoming series of Star Trek: Picard


    Star Trek: Picard will be running on the platform CBS All Access as a TV show. The show is expected to premiere in 2020 starting. Here’s the detailed summary of Star Trek’s whole journey(No spoilers XD).

    Star Trek’s History

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    It is an American television series which first aired in 1966 as Star Trek: The Original Series. The mastermind behind this all saga one would say is Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. The show is not just a simple show you watch on your television, and it has been a part of almost everyone’s discussion somehow or the other.

    There were a bunch of films, obviously TV shows as well, Animated series, related magazines, novels, books, comics, televisions shorts too. There are several theme parks and exhibitions all because of its amazing science fiction genre which has kept us gripped throughout it’s run.

    Latest runs Of Star Trek are the prequels of Star Trek: The Original Series including Enterprise (2001-2005), Discovery (2017-present), Untitled Philipa Georgiou series.

    Picard is the next in a way which will premiere in 2020 starting by Alex Kurtzman, the executive producer. Starring Patrick Stewart Santiago, Michelle Hurd, Evan Evagora, Alison Pill and many more.

    What will be in the new series?

    Patrick Steward stars as Picard is also the executive producer. His role will be the center of the theme this time as the name suggests. He was the part of Star Trek: The Next Generation and some others too.

    Where to Watch?

    The series which will be coming will comprise of 10 episodes. They will be broadcasted by CBS All Access, in Canada by Bell Media and other channels like Space, Z. It will also be made available on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries. The show will be available on various other platforms too. So let’s get ready to binge-watch.