Star Trek is returning with a standalone movie with Picard In Different Role


    Star Trek the long series of movies, television series, animated series. Star Trek is no new word its been on the industry since the ’70s and always entertaining the audience. Now their parts converted into trilogies which are a whole other concept. To add, there were some stand-alone movies too. Now there was an announcement of great news in the comic con this year. Star Trek: Picard is going to release soon maybe in early 2020.

    Image Credits: Wired

    The character Picard

    Jean-Luc Picard played by Patrick Stewart is an old member in the Star Trek franchise, he played the role of Captain of a starship, USS Enterprise. He did movies as well as starred in Television. Patrick was not the first choice for the role, but due to his voice and personality, the makers had no other option but to give him. Picard was in Star Trek: Next Generation, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: Nemesis which was released in 2002.

    Where did the character last left, and what can we expect?

    We saw Picard leaving Starfleet despite being promoted to admiral. He was a strong and impactful character. By the trailer which came this Friday, we can expect a lot more exposure to nature with a new mission and new places maybe. The trailer and the poster both looked intriguing. Along with him Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Brent Spiner as Data is making an entry.

    Image Credits: Wikipedia

    About Patrick Stewart

    Patrick is an English actor, and he told the makers earlier that if the makers don’t bring anything new to the character, he won’t do the role which itself was a challenge to them, and made them think outside the box. Patrick has always impressed with his skills, and the actor took Twitter to share the excitement on the news.