“Stevie Wonder” is All Set to Undergo a Kidney Transplant! Confirms During a Show


    Stevie Wonder announces his break from music as he is about to undergo a kidney transplant. He has confirmed about it while performing in front of the audience in British Summer Time concert at Hyde Park.

    Stevie Wonder on his to have a Kidney Transplant

    The singer has also confirmed that he has a donor ready. He had sounded quite full of spirit-lifting his audience by exclaiming “its all good, its all good, I have donor, it’s all good.” He has also announced that he will be performing a couple of shows before being on leave. He reasoned his announcement that he did not want any rumor to circulate and had wanted to clarify by himself to the fans.

    "Stevie Wonder" is All Set to Undergo a Kidney Transplant! Confirms During a Show

    Before this announcement, Stevie’s deteriorating health had come to the fore. It was said that he is facing some chronic liver issue which could be brought under control by immediate treatment. Stevie had been told that though he is diagnosed with certain health issues, he feels there is not any need to make arousal of any rabble.

    Fans are Praying for Stevie Wonder

    Fans are praying for Stevie and are hoping his early return. Stevie, in his recent show, has imparted in them immense hope. He has said that he will return shortly and in a healthy shape. Many other celebrities who had attended the show had later tweeted for his early recuperation.