Stevie Wonder to undergo a kidney transplant this September. In detail!!!


    Saturday night in a concert, Stevie himself made this revelation…….

    It was a houseful concert and people were enjoying Stevie’s performance when the musician confirmed this news. Stevie says he is likely to undergo a kidney transplant in early September this year. Wonder assured his fans that he is all good but this transplant is a bit urgent. He further told that he would take a break from performing till he gets better.

    He urged people not to believe in any kind of rumors. This news got an  openhearted response from fans. They started cheering Wonder and showered their blessings on him. This really touched Wonder thus he reassured fans that he will be back very soon.

    Reportedly, Wonder is suffering from a serious but manageable kidney disorder. He is under a lot of stress but thankfully he has a donor now. He is worried about the transplant. But his team of doctors revealed that this is nothing serious and Stevie will be fine soon after the surgery.

    Wonder is a legendary musician ruling our hearts since ages. He has won almost two dozen Grammy awards. He has produced a string of hits in his long career. As a matter of fact he started his career when he was just 9. Amazing!!!! The star is the epitome of determination and persistence. His music pushes  everyone to hit the dance floor for sure !!!

    With such stardom it was his duty to deliver this news to his fans which is did very gracefully. He gave his health updates in a somber tone with a severe look on his face. He left the stage with a smiling face giving strength to his fans.

    We pray for a fast recovery after his transplant…..

    Stay tuned for more updates.