Stranger Things Is Releasing Its Score For Season 3 In Multicolored Vinyl


    As has been the tradition of Stanger Things, season 3 is also releasing its score in vinyl and this time we have different colors to choose from.

    Not one but three different colorful editions of the track

    The score for Netflix’s Stranger Things seasons three made by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein who work together in the band Survive is getting an exclusive multicolored vinyl release. It has been announced that this time, there will be not on but three different colorful editions for the audience to choose from at their local record shop or online.

    Fireworks Splatter, Neon Pink, and Turquoise Marble Effect

    The three editions come in the form of- Fireworks Splatter, Neon Pink, and Turquoise Marble Effect. Lakeshore has announced that the Firework Splatter edition will be available only in the US which will be aligned with the fourth of July tale of the new season. The other two versions are by Invada and are available as website exclusives for fans outside the States.

    Dixon and Kyle, who have already won our hearts with their work on the first two seasons, said that they have incorporated the narrative elements of the series and stayed true to the original track. But this time, they have also expanded their musical palette and made an effort to make the album to showcase the moments they think are really special.

    The score is like a standalone record with 41 tracks

    The season 3 score by Dixon and Stein has 41 tracks in all, and according to them, it doesn’t feel like a score but more like a standalone record than a collection of brief cues. Stranger Things is a show which gives us a nostalgic feeling as it has all the elements of the horror and science fiction of the 1980’s shows, much like the shows produced by Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. That’s why the team came up with this gig of releasing its soundtracks in CDs and vinyl as was the trend in the ’80s and with the colored editions they sure will attract many fans.

    For those of us who still love the style of vinyl, it will have a release in October, and both Lakeshore and Invada Records are taking pre-orders.