Stranger Things S3 is here on Netflix and fans can’t get over it this time!


    When it first created its fanbase back in 2016, no one expected that the sci-fi horror would garner such viewership and accolades. Reviewed with marvelous pacing, atmosphere, acting, soundtrack, directing and writing, Stranger Things was bound to be renewed for the third season. And now it’s here.

    Now with almost a day gone after its release, the fans already must be finished with the nine episodes. And most probably, waiting for Season 4’s announcement. Though things would definitely turn out their way as mentioned by the producers earlier.

    “We have a good sense of stuff that happens in season 4,” Levy told Collider in April 2018. “Season 4 is definitely happening.”

    Intending to throw no spoilers ahead but a major character’s exit or something else in this season has definitely shaken the viewers. And once again, this will boost up the viewership by Netflix’s stranger algorithm.

    Stranger Things Success:

    This show never intended to be the headline of Netflix. But now it is solely because of social media marketing and Netflix’s algorithm. With the first season booming to success, in no time did the producers gear themselves up for the second season’s release. And while we’re not sure of upcoming Season 4, we can hope for it.

    Season 4 would likely premiere next year. Season 1 premiered on July 2016, while the second season came on October 2017. Season 3 dropped on July 4, which means if the pattern continues we’re looking at an October 2020 release. Quite neatly.