Stranger Things Season 3 Gets The Highest Rotten Tomatoes Rating and Fans are Crazy now.


    Stranger Things is finally back to shake up your Netflix and Chill. Season 3 will release on July 3, 2019, and fans are eagerly waiting for it for a long time. Currently, season 3 is on 92% rotten tomatoes scores. The season 3 tagline release by Netflix was “One summer can change everything,” which explains that this season will be a major.


    Netflix hasn’t been conspicuous about the season 3 it has been releasing teasers and a few weeks ago trailers. From the trailer, we can see that Demogorgons aren’t the only creature infesting Hawkins. An abundance amount of rat infestation could be seen too.

    The original cast will be there for sure!! Sadly we won’t see scenes with Barb and Bob(rip). The Duffer Brothers have revealed some pics although it doesn’t reveal any major spoilers. It looks like Billy will be the dark epicenter of the third season’s story arc. Actress Francesca Reale joined the cast as a popular lifeguard and looks like she is the only one new.

    The twitter is blowing up with the seven seconds teaser by production. The teaser shows a swarm of rats scurrying through an abandoned building and comes to a message “it’s almost feeding time.” The only things fans are sure that the kids are going to have their hands full with all these rats.

    The brother told the Hollywood that “the script is very good this year.” They say that this time, everyone will leave their comfort zone. Hopper will have to escape his comfort zone by raising a teenage daughter.

    Netflix released the names of the episodes: Suzie, Do You Copy?, The Mall Rats, The Case of the Missing Life Guard, The Sauna Test, The Source, The Birthday, The Bite, and The Battle of Starcourt. The titles do not reveal anything unusual, but they sound mysterious as hell. Mark the dates on your calendar because this summer is going to be ominous.