Stranger Things Season 3 has arrived: Everything about it


    Netflix has dropped Stranger Things Season 3 on its website. Season 3 was released on July 4 at 12:01 PDT. You can currently stream it directly on Netflix. Stranger things are certainly the most ambitious project from Netflix that has delivered on all aspects if not exceeded most of the expectations.

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    Nobody in their mind would have thought before the release of the show that a series centered around kids would do so amazingly well. But that’s what Stranger Things did. It has managed to rope in audiences irrespective of their age group and somehow managed to hit exactly the right notes with everyone. The show has allured critical acclaims, awards and audience acceptance during its ongoing run.

    Does Stranger Things Season 3 have the same promise as it’s predecessor?? (spoiler-free)

    Well, Season 3 too has managed to be in good graces of most of the critics. We have our main cast in the growing stage having reached adolescence. They are trying to figure out their new life all the while trying not to grow distant from each other. We see the kids getting divided into subgroups due to particular circumstances. Let’s not dwell too much in the plot so as not to reveal a spoiler. But if you liked earlier seasons for its dark, gritty and action-packed tone that blends in perfectly with the scheme, then Season 3 is a must-watch. Season 3 improves on what its predecessor managed to deliver and provides us with an, even more, darker, grittier, terrifying and action-packed plot. The creators did a terrific job to keep the new season close to its predecessors and implementing new plot lines and cast relationships. The cast also portrayed their characters exceptionally well, which complements the new dynamic relationship between the characters perfectly. All in all Season 3 takes you for a scary ride that you might feel similar, but it’s a ride that is bound to give you an even higher degree of scare and jitters which will leave you shockingly terrified. The only complain that some might feel about the new season is that it remains very close to its previous installments.

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    We have all the leads from previous installments returning to play their respective characters with some additional recurring cast.