Suits Season 9: What To Expect From Today’s Mind-Blowing Episode


    The moment is finally here. Suits Season 9’s first episode titled Ëverything’s Changed” releases tonight. And we’ve broken down everything the new episode will show us. So whether you’re excited about the premiere or just wanting to catch up from Season 8, read on!

    The “Unforgettable” trailer for the season was beautiful. And it made us all cry. But it didn’t answer:

    The Biggest Questions

    We’ll get to Darvey in a moment. But Season 8’s finale saw Robert take the fall. And the promo shows his clients leaving, all for a conspiracy by his former name partners. Will, the firm get back on top? We can definitely see Harvey and Samantha pay a little visit to Eric Kaldor and kick his ass (yes!)

    And of course, Mike Ross (played by Patrick J Adams) is going to return. And even mention Rachel (Megan Markle’s character). We won’t see him until episode 5, but we can be sure that the writers will build up some anticipation.

    Darvey: Just Getting Started

    And finally, Harvey and Donna. Season 8 saw them give in to their feelings and well, have a night together. Is the episode going to pick up the same morning as Aaron Korsh hinted? The trailer sees Donna saying, “Oh, you’re gonna make me cry.” And in response to that, Harvey in a cute sweater with the charming smile, says, ‘I’m just getting started.”

    Image credits: youtube

    It looks like the Darvey romance we’ve been dying to see for eight seasons is finally here.

    Louis: Just Got Litt Up

    Louis and Sheila will probably have their baby in Season 9. Are we going to get a FRIENDS-like birth scene with Harvey and Donna and everyone waiting in the hospital? Remains to be seen.

    On a side note, Harvey might step back as managing partner now that Robert is gone and Louis needs family time.

    This season has too much lined up. Along with the “birth, death and marriage,” Korsh mentioned we would see. If you’re excited, you’re not alone!