Superman: Red Son announcement during SDCC 2019

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    During the premier and special screening of “Batman: Hush” is San Diego comic con 2019, DC announced about some enormous plans for 2020. Last year too the DC universe showed Shazam! And Aquaman and filled MCU void which was not present in the event last year. This year MCU brought “Black widow Standalone” and “A doctor strange” sequel in the horizon.

    Batman: Hush

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    Batman Beyond is celebrating 20th anniversary this year. With all the praising over the years for narrative depth and quality of animation. It has won 2 Emmy awards and 3 Annie awards as it caught the imaginations of many generations.

    In Batman: hush, a mysterious criminal known as Hush is determined to destroy both the crime-fighting career and personal life of Batman. However, both of which has already been complicated by a relationship with Catwoman.

    It is available online after 20th July, and from 6th August onwards you can get access to CDs.

    Huge Announcement at the end of the event

    At the end of the game the Warner Bros announced that the in 2020 “Superman: Red son” will be the first presentation from DCU. An animated series based on Mark Miller’s 2003 Graphic novel.

    In 2020, “Superman: Man of Tomorrow” and “Justice League dark: Apocalypse” will also release after Superman: red son. This will be the first time when two movies based on Superman will release in the same year. We can say that is it a tasty treat for the Superman fans.

    Superman: Red son

    When a ship full of infants in mid-1950s is shipped to Russia. Where they all grew as soviet union representation for the preservation of Stalin’s brand communism.

    Imagine when Superman is not in America or New York, i.e., instead of Smallville, he grows for soviets. This is an imagination for all DC fans.

    Superman: Man of tomorrow will show the life of a young superman and its life during that period.

    Justice League Dark: apocalypse war is a follow up of 2017’s “Justice League dark” an animated movie.

    Now it will be fascinating to see all these new additions in DCU animated series.