Take a nap beside One-Punch Man and explore his world with Season2 !!!!


    You are just one step away from turning this dream into reality!!!!

    For One- Punch man fans it has always been a dream to enjoy Saitama’s company. Well, this goes for every superhero lover. This time fans will get an opportunity to take Saitama home.

    Wondering how??? Lets dissect this information and make fans understand how this is going to happen!!!

    The folks behind One-Punch Man have revealed the latest merchandise and it happens to be a pillow. Yes right!!! You are guessing that right….  This pillow is an exact replica of Saitama’s face. His innocent expressions will make you fall in love with this character.

    You still have to wait till August to buy this pillow. As per the recent announcement these pillow’s will hit up stores in Japan very soon. For the matter of fact, pre-orders have started of the merchandise and shipping will be done on 27 August.

    Aren’t you excited to cuddle up with One-Punch Man for a nap??? Tell me in the comments section below.

    There is another good news for Superhero lovers. One-Punch Man Season 2 is currently streaming on Hulu. Last episode of the Season is out on 2 July. Obviously Hulu remains the one stop destination for this latest release.

    This superhero show is very interesting and super popular among the audience. It crossed 8 million views quickly after it was premiered. It deals with Superhero Saitama’ boring life. Boring because he can defeat villains with just one punch. So fighting and all is very easy for him as he has such a super power.

    Watch the latest episode of Season 2 only on Hulu if you haven’t seen yet. Share your views through comments. Stay tuned for other entertainment news!!!!