Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul finally got married in Las Vegas on Sunday


    It has been five weeks since the YouTubers, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul got engaged in Las Vegas nightclub. Many doubted whether Tana and Jake will get married or if they are trying to pull a publicity stunt.

    We finally seem to have the answer to all the doubts. Or do we? Let ignore all this for a while now and focus on the seemingly good news. What’s the good news? Well, after being engaged for about five weeks, Youtubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul finally got married in Las Vegas on Sunday night. However, our people are still unsure whether the marriage was legal or just a publicity stunt. Though it did seem real considering how elaborately everything was planned and how things unfolded.


    The big day had many wellwishers and spectators in the form of guests. Hundreds of guests were present at Armani Izadi’s famous Graffiti Mansion to watch Tana and Jake exchange vows. Tana had several outfit changes throughout the function, but she wore a beautiful and long white dress when she walked down the aisle. She sported a strapless sequin gown with pink ruffled train whereas Jake wore a white tuxedo. Logan Paul, Jake’s elder brother, who previously doubted the two-month relationship and one-month engagement of Jake and Tana, was the best man for the wedding.

    Earlier Tana uploaded a special video tribute to a future husband. The 8-minute long clip features Tana confessing her love for Jake and accepting that she’s afraid to lose him and she never wants that to happen. When asked about people who still doubt their love and relationship for a publicity stunt, Tana responded by saying that she does not care about anyone’s opinion right now.