Taron Egerton the New Wolverine? Rumors Shut Down By A Fan Favorite Candidate


    Ever since Hugh Jackman left the role of Wolverine fans have been searching for the one. The role of Wolverine was played by Jackman by more than ten years, so it is pretty hard for fans to accept anyone new. Taron Egerton responds to the rumors of a wolverine.


    The actor responded with doubts that if he is right for the role of a wolverine. Taron has said that it is still a rumor and the right actor is still not found. Egerton thinks that he is still not grisly enough for the role.


    The actor has said that he is interested in being in that universe somewhere and would love to be involved. Taron says that if Marvel approaches him, then he would gladly accept the role. Take any actor for the role of Wolverine; there would be a debate. Hugh Jackman played the role for soo long that he has practically imprinted the wolverine aura. There are lots of candidate for the role, but only some like Taron has responded.

    Taron, for now, has shut down the rumors that he is selected for wolverine. Recently Daniel Radcliffe also told that it was just a joke that he would take the role of the wolverine. Taron jokes about taking on the role by saying that his beard game needs to be strong to take the role. Keanu Reeves was also rumored on taking the role, but yet there has been no statement.

    Who can Be Playing Wolverine in the MCU?

    Marvel phase 4 slate has been released, and it is officially said that production of X-men has started. The production is still in its early stages, so no caste details have been released. There are a lot of Actors to play Wolverine, but they need to be ready to accept that people are not gonna like them instantly.