Taryn Manning rants her Co-stars; Says the members “do not care about me”


    After a day of release of the final season of the popular Netflix show “Orange Is the New Black”, actress Taryn Manning rants out against the show openly on social media.

    Though the hate post has been deleted since, but the lengthy Instagram rant post clearly states that manning felt hurt and neglected. she wrote ” show hurt me more than anything has in my life.” she also stated that ” not one cast member cares about me.” she mentioned various cases related from human trafficking to racism. she posted “Human trafficking and slavery are worse than it ever was. Who cares about your dress. If you care about humans and animals at all, stop eating them and consuming their fear. Don’t eat animals! They are our pals! Save children and help this crime! Please. Human trafficking is beyond. Each life that GOD grants is a life worth living. Imagine yours stolen. Let’s help. Please.”

    Manning continued, “I have to speak out before anything happens to me. F**k fame! This show hurt humans. You will never truly know but many were hurt!”

    “I do not need to ever work again in this town. I’ve been dropped by everyone for having a backbone. I was dropped because a person terrorizes me daily and them too. So my team, they just turn away. Like a car accident. Rubberneck but don’t help. F**k show biz. A disgrace”, Manning adds.

    Manning felt being bullied. she seems to point that the show has spread the negative message to folks. she rants “‘Self-serving bulls**t, for whatever sick agenda. How some of the dearest characters were just not there anymore. My pals. F**k this show. This show hurt me so bad.”

    When her friend showed concern about her being suicidal, Manning aka Tiffany Doggett addressed her fan and followers saying ” I will call you when I feel like I can talk. I am not Suicidal.” she continued, “I am disappointed and heartbroken how little people care for other humans.”

    Orange is the new Black has been trending on Netflix since its release and a backlash like such from a leading cast is surely set to add elements of controversy amongst the related crew members.