T’Challa is getting replaced in Black Panther 2 & Marvel may give Shuri the mantle of Black Panther


    When the crucial time of replacing Black Panther comes, who will take the throne?

    The Question

    It is a big question. There are many options, but We Got This Covered has heard from the sources that Marvel wants Shuri as the new Black Panther. Most probably they will make the changes in Black Panther 3.

    Who is T’Challa?

    Chadwick Boseman who is T’Challa and plays the Black Panther character in MCU follows his father’s footsteps to become the ruler of Wakanda. Marvel confirms that mantle won’t stick to one person throughout the course of MCU.

    Shuri as Black Panther

    Do not worry Chadwick Boseman isn’t leaving this early. He will just pass over his powers to Shuri and will stay in Wakanda and rule over there. Shuri will use his powers to fight. He will help, but Marvel wants Shuri to be Black Panther and T’Challa to be the new king.

    Shuri will be taking on the charge. With his brother’s knowledge and wisdom, she will be able to fight all the foes. She can handle such circumstances alone, without her guiding brother.

    Of course, this is not confirmed, it can change. We do not know what will happen but from what the sources are saying: T’Challa won’t be the Black Panther forever.
    The fans do not need to worry as T’Challa won’t be going anywhere, he will stay in the movie. Unlike how he went to coma, this time he will be all fine.