Teen Mom OG stars are super happy to meet their daughter Carly! Let’s find out more!!


    Teen Mom stars are having it all. They are super excited to meet their 10-year-old daughter Carly who lives with her adoptive parents.

    Catelynn took Twitter to share this news with her fans. Where meanwhile some of her followers slammed her for not keeping this news private and some of them filled the comment box with some really good wishes.

    It is indeed a big day for their family. They both got their start from the reality TV tweeted “Today is a very special day we get to see Carly and her parents.” She was talking about her child who was born when they both were teenagers, whom they placed for adoption in 2009.

    Recently Lowell and Baltierra slammed their haters, both of them hit back at their haters when they kept trolling Lowell for leaving her daughters Nova 4, and Vaeda who is 4 months old at home with her husband for having some me time.

    She to her defense said Nova was fine two minutes later I left. As the episode of the hit MTV show, aired on 24 June, she said, That was my first time by myself in months! And it was my birthday. And only if understand, if you are the parent you know that sometimes you need me time!!! After this her husband also came in her defense, he tweeted “I must have not received a memo, but thank you to all of the social media child therapists for this new diagnosis. Hahahaha! He very smartly slammed them.

    Well, we are indeed happy for them and hope they continue to have a great time with their daughter.