Tekashi 69’s release date LEAKED by girlfriend Jade on Instagram? How True is That, Until Judge Says, there is no Guarantee.


    Tekashi 69’s fans finally received some news regarding their idol. His girlfriend hinted his release date through her new Instagram post.

    On July 28, Jade posted a new picture of herself on Instagram, showing off her new tattoo of the rapper with a caption: “6 more months to go motherf***r”. After this, there was a buzz among the fans that Tekashi will be released soon. Although, after a while, she changed the caption to: “These Jail calls are serious.”


    It is not clear what her intentions were or why she changed the caption. The fans have although interpreted it in a positive sense. Jade was reportedly dating the 23 years old rapper before his racketeering arrest last year.


     He was among six people charged in a federal grand injury indictment containing firearms and racketeering charges. The rapper’s lawyer Lance Lazzaro claimed ‘he posed no threat’ and stated, ” An entertainer that portrays a gangster’s image to promote his music does not make him a member of a (criminal enterprise).”

    The case involves the shooting attempt at Chief Keef in New York. The rapper could have faced  32 years in prison for the charges. Ultimately, a federal judge will determine his sentencing during a hearing scheduled for 24th June 2020. In exchange for his complete co-operation, the Government agrees for a sentence below the mandatory minimum.


    Last month, Tekashi’s former affiliate Kineta “Kooda B” Mckenzie pleaded guilty in court for the racketeering involving the rapper. Kooda claimed that Tekashi ‘wanted to intimidate rather than hit the individual’, before admitting that he organized shooting because ‘because Tekashi asked me to arrange this.’

    Tekashi has been involved in cases of sexual harassment previously and has always been a part of one or another controversy. What happens, in this case, is yet dynamic.