Terry Crews Wants To Portray Ariel’s Dad In ‘The Little Mermaid’, But Idris Elba Is Also In The Race


    Since The Little Mermaid, Disney’s live-action remake was confirmed, the matter of star cast is getting hype to another level. Not only people around social media are proposing the actors for different roles, but the actors are pitching by themselves for the various portrayals in the movie.

    Terry Wants To Portray Ariel’s Father

    Terry Crews, the host of ‘America’s Got Talent’ is someone who badly wants to portray the role of Ariel’s dad. The desperation to be mermaid’s father was so high that he even posted his photoshopped picture with fish legs. The photo in his Twitter post was of him as King Triton, Ariel’s father.

    The Little Mermaid’s plot contains a major role of King Triton, the ruler of the underwater kingdom Atlantica. He is the father of a young mermaid who is madly in love with a human. Originally, Mel Brooks, who is well known as Hitler-loving ex-Nazi dramatist in ‘The Producers’ and the stiff-armed inspector in ‘Young Frankenstein’ voiced the role of king.

    Terry even petitioned to the viewers to support him for the role he badly wants to play. In the same attempt, he reposted one of Twitterati’s creation in which he can be seen in King Triton’s look. Fans were also there to buttress him which brings almost 25000 reposts to Terry’s original post and over 117,000 likes.

    Who Else Is In The Race?

    But Terry’s fans were not the only ones who braces their favorites. Idris Elba’s followers started a different campaign in which they suggested him as King Triton.

    A photoshopped version of Elba as King Triton. Like the one for Terry is also going viral on social media.

    Lizzo Wants To Replace Melissa McCarthy As Ursula

    Well, this all should not surprise you as recently when Melissa McCarthy was finalized for the major villainous role in The Little Mermaid, Lizzo has also expressed disappointment. That is because she wants to be the tentacle baddie Ursula in the upcoming reboot, Melissa was signed for.

    A controversy over singer Halle Bailey being cast as the Ariel for The Little Mermaid was also raised. Many claimed her casting as racist.

    So, for whom you are going to pitch?