The 100 lost its long strong character Kane


    The 100 is the post-Apocalypse Science fiction American Drama Series. It first came in 2014, and its success among the fans led to the creation of various seasons over the years. And in 2019 April 30 the season 6’s first episode premiered. With its unique story, there has always been room for twists and surprises. This season after 125 years from cryosleep where it ended on season 5. They wake up in a new place to fight all over with Clarke and Bellamy leading. There are new opponents with more powers and difficulties.


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    Episode 9

    Episode 9 of season 6 titled as “ What you take with you” shows significant drama. The great played character Kane, who has been there since the pilot episode dies a heroic death. He sacrifices himself to stop the primes from creating more night blood. He takes this decision when he finds outs that he was brought back by the Primes technique of transferring their minds into new host bodies, what affected him more was that his love interest Abby was with them helping in the whole process. But Abby was along trying to wake up Kane, for his good though by illegal means.

    Kane team’s up with Raven and tries to wake up his friend Indra and then holds Simone of Prime and his team as a hostage. And later he sacrifices himself taking all the night blood.

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    What’s next!

    Kane will be missed he was a gem, though most of this season he has been in cryosleep in the past he never failed to do things for others. And his sacrifice will inevitably affect Abby and her decisions, and we don’t know what will she do further when she finds out what happened to Clarke. Everything will now take a significant change with the Primes being more fierce and our heroes reaction to the same.