The 100 Popular T.V Series is Going To End Soon- What To Expect from Season 6?


    Binge-watching a T.V series is the new obsession currently. But when your favourite comes to an end, it feels heavy on the heart. Fans are despondent about the fact that The 100 popular T.V series is going to end soon. The 100 is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama which had its first season in 2014. This famous T.V series is loosely based on a book by the same name.


    The series till now has a total of 6 seasons. It’s the sixth season premiered on April 30, 2019.

    Season 6

    The new season has 13 episodes total, of which three are yet to release. The previous five seasons showed how the heroes fought to survive on Earth. After 125 years of cryosleep, the heroes woke up in a new home to be better. A straightforward task of them is to be the good guys. But fate has stored some unseen threats for them, and they once again have to fight for the future of humanity.

    Sanctum is the first episode of season 6. The small group of Clarke, Bellamy, and Jordan are going to explore a mysterious new planet.

    Episode 10, Matryoshka

    Drew Lindo wrote the tenth episode of The 100. The next three videos will release shortly. The audience saw that Clarke’s plotline coming to an end and Bellamy and Clarke get happy for some moments. However, with Simone’s death, Russel turned worst, making the people at Sanctum at risk.

    The episode had many twists and turns and is also considered as one of the best episodes so far.

    The Last Three Episodes


    The last three episodes are called “Ashes to Ashes”, ” Adjustments to Protocol”, and ” The Blood of Sanctum”. Fans are already excited to see the hard-hitting final episodes of the series. Till now, all the episodes of season 6 has received a positive response, and everyone is looking forward to some more exciting adventures with the group.

    In the season finale, fans will get to see that Sanctum is turned into a battleground for the devouts and the non-believers. The mystery will deepen more, leaving the audience eagerly waiting for the seventh season. August 6, 2019, will have the season finale.

    IMDB has given the last ten episodes of The 100 a rating of 9 out of 10, which is pretty good. The promo of episode 11 is already out. Have a look at it above.

    Those who still haven’t watched the series, go and binge-watch now.