Kate Middleton and Mary, the Danish Crown Princess, share an astonishing association


    Kate Middleton and Mary, the Danish crown princess, share friendly relations with each other. Both have interests in photography and mention each other while uploading the photos; both were commoners before their marriages to the royal princesses. They also participate in every thick and thin of each other. The christening of their babies had been done on the same day. The friendship they share is surprising to the world.

    Kate middleton and Mary

    Kate Middleton and Princess Mary

    It was unveiled recently that Kate Middleton and Princess Mary share some surprising links. Both the women are not only each other’s look alike but also share some same hobbies. The women share a keen interest in photography and share royal accounts as well. It has been discovered that they credit each other for their pictures on their royal accounts on Instagram. Such intense friendship between the two is a matter to surprise to the world.

    Princess Mary was crowned after her marriage with Frederick, the heir to the Danish throne. The surprisingly friendly relations between both the duchess has come to the fore. They share some common bedrock. It has also been heard that Mary take style tips from Kate. Both frequent trips to each others’ castles and are a participant to every royal occasion. The royal blood has a common interest in cooking and food.

    Other Similarities

    Kate’s similarities with Mary are not only circumscribed to the boundaries of photography. Both have been commoners before their marriage. Both fell in love with the royal princes. Their entry into the royal family was the hot topic all over the media. Both their babies’ christening had been done together, and it was an occasion full of grandeur.

    A Positive Relationship

    The royal women are not secretive about their relationship. They keep sharing photos of each other. It could be inferred that both families are close to each other.